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The last post

18 Sep

We’re sorry.

This is the last God 52 post that we’ll be writing. It’s frustrating that we’ve got so close to the end of the year, but for both of us, it’s become impossible to continue the project with integrity. If you’ve been following along, we’re especially sorry – and would encourage you to keep making a weekly effort to move on with God in the areas of discipline, character and mission.

Here’s why we feel we can’t go on: for both of us, 2013 has contained more change and upheaval than either of us could ever have foreseen. For Martin this is about to become much more intense with the birth of his fourth child (Jamie will not be having a child). Of course, it wouldn’t take us very long to fire out a weekly challenge, but the idea behind God 52 was always that we were taking part in the activities, not just encouraging others to do so. We both recognise that our current workloads do not make it possible for us to commit to keep doing so over the last few months of the year.

Moreover, we both acknowledge of late that our own participation in the challenges has been patchier than we would have liked. So, even though it’s a huge disappointment to us both, for integrity’s sake we feel it’s the right time to call it a day.

If someone else out there would like to take on the God 52 concept, website and so on, then we’d love to hear from you – just drop us an email. We certainly don’t want to hold on to this if others might want to keep it going.

Please understand this has not been an easy decision, or one that we’ve taken lightly. Again, sincere apologies if you feel let down by this.

Martin and Jamie


God 52 – Week Thirty Six (3/9/13)

5 Sep

Yep, we’re late again. But there’s a really good reason for that – both halves of the God 52 machine have started new jobs this week. (For more details, search around the interwebs.) And I think I can speak on behalf of both of us when I say that we’re both really excited about what we’re stepping in to. 

There’s something brilliant about starting something new…

36: Start something new

It could be a hobby, an activity, a diet, an area of ministry, a discipline, maybe even a new job (please don’t quit your job and blame u), but use the start of September (I’m a youth worker and a football fan, this is the real new year) to dive into something new, something that feeds you, something that energizes you, something that gets you out of bed in the morning.

We’d love some guest blogs this week on the subject of praying for friends to know and experience the love of God; if you’d like to write one, please read our writing guidelines, then drop us an email.