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See a need, meet a need

5 Mar

Looks like it’s going to a busy week for guest blogs written in response to our need-meeting challenge, so we’re getting a head start. Here’s the first post – anonymous by request for obvious reasons, and with a little twist of extra challenge at the end… 

We were meeting at a kids’ play farm with our best friends and their little girl for an afternoon of catching up. We hadn’t seen too much of them recently and were really looking forward to a natter, however as the afternoon progressed it was clear all was not terribly well. Over tea and scones we asked what was wrong and a whole great tale came out, involving all manner of life issues from discovering she was pregnant again, to the fact that they had been asking God whether they should stay locally or move up the country to find work that was better paid, to some serious spiritual warfare stuff: it all came tumbling out.

My husband and I had just had a conversation about money earlier that week and realised we had more than we thought following his promotion and some other payments stopping. A happy realisation and a very prescient one as our friends shared real struggles with paying their bills that afternoon. After a meaningful glance at each other we offered to give them £100. Per month.  Until they didn’t need it anymore.

This was not a heroic ride to their rescue: although they had money worries these were really the least pressing of their needs. In fact as I offered the money I was deeply aware this didn’t seem to make enough difference. This was God’s timing, both my husband and I felt that, and as the conversation developed further I found myself saying ‘If you don’t agree to have the money put into your bank account monthly we’ll just find other ways to give it to you like stuffing £20’s down the side of your sofa each time we come round’ I was utterly convinced they should have the money!

I would generally classify myself as a generous person, but even so I feel this week’s challenge keenly; if we weren’t prepared to do this for our closest friends, what kind of friends does that make us? So what about the stranger or ‘alien’ in our midst? Would I be prepared to listen for a need and then fill it for someone I don’t know?  That really would be stepping out into the unknown.

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God 52 – Week Ten (5/3/13)

5 Mar

knocking on doorWell, here we are in March. Seriously, who thought we’d see it through this long? So far we’ve seen God do some quite extraordinary things through God52 – from healing relationships to seeing miracles reported. We’re quite sure He’s nowhere near finished yet. This is a journey of inner transformation – of seeing Christ ‘formed’ in us as Paul suggests in Galatians 4 v 19. That takes time, so we’re in for the long haul – we hope you are too.

This week, we’re going to be attempting to live out an aspect of Christ’s character – his presence among people. Contrary to some Christmas cards, Jesus wasn’t born into poverty. His father had a trade and an income, and that trade was passed on to him. He didn’t have to mix with the people in his society who most obviously needed help; he made a decision to do so. He chose to be present among people in need. Not only that – the presence of Jesus invariably meant action. He answered searching questions; he healed sickness; he fed the hungry. Jesus’ presence was active, not passive.

This week then, we’re going to practice ‘active presence’. Or to put it into language that doesn’t sound like management jargon, we’re going to put love into action:

10: Find someone who has a need, and meet that need.

As always, you can interpret this challenge however you like. You could choose to help out a friend or family member in some way. You might study the words of your work colleagues or school friends, to see if there’s something in their lives that you could clearly help with. Maybe you know a couple who could really do with a free babysitter, allowing them to have a much-needed evening out; perhaps someone you know is struggling financially, and you have the resources to help them out.

Or you could push it further. You could knock on an elderly neighbour who can no longer tend their over-run garden, or go along to a local homeless project and offer to volunteer. The possibilities are limitless – the rules are painfully simple. Find a need, meet a need. It’s what Jesus did; it’s one practical way to see the Kingdom extended both in and through you this week.

So get ready to put your faith and your love for people into action. Be an unexpected present to someone, simply by being present. Who knows what God might choose to do through us when we step out for Him in this way? The world is full of needs. Let’s go.

We’re always on the look out for guest bloggers. If you’d like to write a guest post this week on putting faith into action or practicing ‘active presence’, please read our writing guidelines, then drop me an email.