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God 52 – Week Fourteen (It was meant to be 2/4/13. Ahem)

3 Apr

fair tradeIt’s been a bit quiet on the good ship God52 of late and for that we apologise. Life, Easter and busy-ness have kept us occupied but we’re back with a new challenge. Hopefully you all were able to take a risk and speak to someone about Jesus, I hope it blessed them and blessed you.

Right, week fourteen, no beating around the bush. Here it is-

14: Make a deliberately ethical shopping choice.

It could be buying clothes, food, coffee, whatever. We’ve got a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world, and what we buy has a huge impact on them. So this week, choose to put your own convenience aside and treat the producers fairly. There’s loads of great ideas and resources to help you with this out there, people who are far more knowledgeable than us so you could either google ‘fair trade’ or ‘ethical shopping,’ or check out the work of Tearfund or Christian Aid.

Off you go!


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