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God 52 – Week Twenty-one (21/5/2013)

21 May
This is 2 Unlimited, singing their 1993 hit 'No Limit.'

This is 2 Unlimited, singing their 1993 hit ‘No Limit.’ I’m sure it’s obvious why.

We tricked you. Last week’s challenge is far from over.

This week, we’re going to be moving into the second part of what will be a multi-part exploration of the Spiritual Discipline of Study. Last week you chose a book of the Bible to read all the way through (didn’t you? No? Quick, go back and do that now).

This week, you’re going to focus down on a single chapter:

21: Pick a chapter from the book you read last week, and read that chapter every day

That’s right. Read the same chapter, every day this week. It shouldn’t take a huge effort of the will – just put aside a little time each day to read the chapter. This is the first element of the discipline of Study: repetition. Think of it like going to the spiritual gym and doing some ‘reps’.

We’re not asking you to do anything more than this – although next week, things will get a little more complicated. For now, just read a chapter,

Then read it again the next day,

and again the next,

and again,

and again,

and again,

and again.

Easy enough, right?