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God 52 – Week Eleven (12/3/12)

12 Mar

sky+plus_remote_300It’s week eleven here at God52 HQ and God continues to use this ridiculous side project from two guys who distract each other in an office to share stories of hope, joy and love changing situations across the world. Yes you read that right, the world. In fact, I’ve being doing a little bit of research and I am pleased to inform you that God 52 has become weirdly popular in Macedonia. (Any by weirdly popular, I mean that we had two different visitors from there on Monday.) We’ve had seven visitors from the Philippines in the last week and in the whole time we’ve been doing this, God 52 has been viewed 16 times in Bahrain, that’s more than Brazil, Belgium, Iceland and South Korea combined!

You may be asking yourself why I’m sharing this with you. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s linked in to this week’s task. You see, as I sat down to write this blog, suddenly the entire internet opened up to me: pages and pages of God52 stats, a lengthy piece on Rob Bell from last year, a discussion of what makes former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal funny and a series of emails between two writers, originally due to be published if David Bowie died.  My point – I have little to any self-control. I’m distracted easily, be it by the internet, other people or old episodes of Saved by the bell. Ladies and Gentlemen – I am the the person who doesn’t have enough self-control to write about self control. So, this week’s challenge:

11: Identify a weakness, be aware of it for the week, and be more disciplined.

This could be anything. A distraction, an area of weakness, temptation, the jokes you shouldn’t tell, the things you shouldn’t be doing with you know who, that thing that’s been playing on your mind for a while – this week, commit to keeping it in check. Here’s the great thing. This isn’t about judgement. This isn’t about all of us on our own, struggling to find some meaning in 2013, it’s about a community of us striving to be the people that God has called us to be. So this week, let’s be praying for each other, that in the midst of the next seven days, we allow God to mould, shape and refine us.

If you’d like to write a guest blog on this week’s subject – engaging with ‘other’ voices – please read the guidelines here, then drop Martin an email.