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God 52 – Week Twenty-two (28/5/2013)

28 May

concentrationHope you’re enjoying the continuing focus on the Bible – this week we’re going to drill down even deeper, but if you’ve missed the last couple of weeks, then read this, then this, and catch up!

The first step of the spiritual discipline of Study is repetition (as we explored last week); the second is concentration. This is where we move beyond simply repeatedly reading a passage or chapter, to bringing our full attention to it. In order to make that a little easier, we’re going to pick a short passage of no more than ten verses. If you’re doing this as a progression from the last two challenges, then choose a passage from within the chapter you read last week. If not, maybe just pick a passage from one of the gospels.

22: Set aside at least fifteen minutes to concentrate on a passage of scripture

Time-wise this might sound like an easy task – certainly a walk in the park compared to some of our previous challenges. But because you’re only reading a handful of verses, concentrating for a full fifteen minutes (or more) will require an effort of will and self-discipline.

Allow God to speak to you as you read, and enjoy giving your full attention to his word.

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