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God 52 – Week Twenty-four (11/6/2013)

11 Jun

art‘I’m a creative’, says the man in the fetching pink shirt and the trendy glasses. Let’s call him Quentin. Creativity is how he defines himself; it’s his key selling point at work, church and in everything he does. Creative Quentin, they call him.

But here’s the trouble with Quentin, and people like him. The idea that some people are ‘creatives’ makes the rest of us feel like we must be something else. Uncreative. Not creative. Short on ideas.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of who we are as created beings. We are made in the image of the Creator – the most imaginative, idea-filled, creative being in the universe. So we have that seed of creativity within us – all of us do – it’s part of who we are.

So forget about Creative Quentin. You’re a creative too. And in this week’s challenge, you’re going to exercise that muscle:

24: Carve out some time to create something – a piece of artwork, a poem, an idea… anything you like

Find some rest time in the next seven days to explore your own God-given creativity. Put any ideas that you’re not creative to one side – just write, or paint, or pick up a musical instrument. Do it as a celebration of who you are as a created child of God; maybe even do it as an act of worship. There are no rules – except that you have to have some fun. Go play!

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